- stop drawing Moriarty and go draw your ocs

- make me


“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together keep, me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”

4/? Sherlock + Winnie the Pooh quotes

my head is a jungle jungle


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I wouldn’t mind being visited by a ghost.

You’re going through six degrees of separation


I love newspapers. Fairy tales. And pretty grim ones too.


if we have a flashback to john’s army days and martin is in uniform you’ll have to carry my ass to the nearest hospital immediately i will not survive that 


The thing about MARTIN is he does this with every single one of his characters. They’re all fully completely realised PEOPLE that have like terrible embarrassing stories from primary school and don’t like too much mayo on their sandwiches and have a very specific preference for what colour their socks are. Literally they’re human and alive outside of what we see on the screen or the stage. They have a life of their own. All of them. From Tim to John to Lester to Paul to Bilbo, they’re all whole, real, individuals with unique personalities and lives. He plays them like they’ve had a life that was happening before we met them and will have a life that goes on after we leave them.

And that is what makes him the best actor ever. Literally ever.

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I can’t listen to “John, I’m Only Dancing” without imagining possessive!John getting more and more frustrated as drunk!Sherlock grinds against everyone within reach

This is what disappointment looks like.

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